Using a Juce-based static library in a non-Juce project


Hi, I've created a static library using Juce and I'd like to add this library to an existing application that isn't Juce-based. I've tested the library using a small Juce-based app and it worked fine, but when I try to compile the non-Juce application, I get plenty of unresolved externals at link time. I guess this means the library doesn't contain the Juce code that's used by my own code, and that it worked with the test app because it was also Juce-based and therefore also contained the Juce source code? If so, I'm surprised my lib file is so huge (the release version is >70MB -surprisingly the debug version is <50MB- , while it contains only a portion of the source code of an application whose executable file is <3MB)

=> When creating a static lib relying on Juce and using it in a non-Juce app, shall the application project include Juce code in addition to the library in order to compile? I did the same in the past using a DLL instead of a static lib, and I didn't need to do this...


Note: the static library project was generated using the Introjucer