Using Component::mouseWheelMove() in RTAS plugins

I have read the topic
It seems Juce has the VST mousewheel fixed. But, in which version the fix is in? 1.52?

The mousewheel issue is also a problem on RTAS plug-in on Windows. and it still exists on Juce 1.52. Sliders on Juce based plug-in will stop to accept mousewheel event if the host have the keyboard focus so users can still use shortcut key, such as spacebar, to control transport window. Strangely, if the plug-in will not give up the keyboard focus, the shortcut key for the transport is switched to Return key.

I hope there is a fix for the RTAS plug-in, so even the plug-in doesn’t have keyboard focus, it would still handle the mousewheel event.

Try 1.53. There’s not really much point describing problems in the old 1.52 codebase, as I’m not going to investigate anything that might have been fixed since then.

Will do. Thanks!