Using Juce as a simple audio processing system for PCM samples?

Hi everyone,

I've just encountered Juce and I'm trying to figure out if the following things are possible. I've been searching in the API reference and such where I encountered some intereseting things but I'm not quite sure if it'll be possible to do what I want.

So, first of all I'll explain the general idea of what I'm trying to do. I am trying to process audio from multiple sources triggered at different times to a single file with added filters (like panning, volume change, low pass filter,...). After the filtering is done I would like it to be written to a file batch per batch. For example, I need 10 samples of sound. I get those from the different sources, send them to Juce, Juce does the mixing and filtering and at the end it's written to a file. Rinse repeat (but maybe with a different number of samples). Also, the output from Juce has to be appended to a final file.

Ok so, if the previous "story" was clear I'm in need of the following information:
- Can Juce process a select number of samples from a stream or data from memory? If so, what is the best way to load them?
- Can Juce process those streams and mix them together, add a filter to one of them, change the volume,...? If so, where do I have to look?
- Can Juce output this result to a file or to a new data stream which I can use?

I have been looking at the IntroJucer but the code I get from creating an Audio Application is quite overwhelming and I can't really figure out where to start.

I hope this was clear.

Thanks in advance for the information!