Using JUCE to develop iOS/Android _library_ (with GUI)

We are building a component (with GUI) that we wish to market as a library.

We will also be selling our own iOS/Android app that links against this library.

The important thing is that the GUI supports native look and feel. This means the GUI needs to be designed natively for iOS and Android.

Does there exist any code sample out there that demonstrates this pattern?

Could anyone map out the basic pattern?

I am imagining to do the entire program logic in C++/JUCE, writing occasional native modules to handle per-platform GUI stuff. Or maybe one single native module to handle all of it.

Last time I checked JUCE didn’t yet support building of library on Android, although the team informed me some time and money would fix this.

I would very much like to get a “hello world” example running. If there is anyone out there that might be interested in taking it on as contract, please get in touch.

The specification would be: a project that presents a simple ‘hello world’ GUI that builds as iOS or Android library. and an {iOS/Android} consumer app that links against this library, Invoking the GUI.

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