Using Juce to test Juce library (duplicate symbols)

I have a static library (a VST Host that I created with Juce) that I am writing a test app for using Juce. I have used this library before without issue, but I want to do some testing using a simple app and decided to use Juce to build it. The issue is that by including this library, when I compile, I get lots of duplicate symbol errors (ex. juce_core.o). Any ideas?

The static library has a copy of the Object code for JUCE and your local project has a copy.

Your best bet is to remove the JUCE Object code from your static library. If you’re using Visual Studio right click on the .cpp files in the ‘Juce Library Code’ folder, and ‘properties->exclude’ them from the build.

XCode is similar.

You probably also should define JUCE_DONT_DECLARE_PROJECTINFO=1.

Then Rebuild your static Library.

You might be able to go the other route and remove the JUCE code from your test project, but more than likely every time you save your project in Projucer you will lose your changes.