Using Libraries installed with vcpkg in a projucer project? (Visual Studio) [Solved]

I have a stand-alone app in a Projucer project that needs to use libzippp, which is installed on my system via vcpkg. Libzipp depends on the underlying C library libzip, so I needed to add its library paths as well.
Right now, I have the Visual Studio 2019 exporter configured with the path to the “libzippp.h” header in “Header Search Paths”:

Under “Extra Library Search Paths” I have the path to
the libzippp.lib file: C:\vcpkg\packages\libzippp_x86-windows\lib
and libzip’s “zip.lib” file: C:\vcpkg\packages\libzip_x86-windows\lib

And finally I added “libzippp.lib” and “zip.lib” to the “External libraries to link” field.
With this configuration, I don’t get any #include problems but there are five LNK2001 errors that all look like this:
LNK2001|unresolved external symbol public: virtual __cdecl libzippp::ZipArchive::~ZipArchive(void) (??1ZipArchive@libzippp@@UEAA@XZ)|Romplur_App|C:\Romplur-Main\RomplurApp\Builds\VisualStudio2019\SampleArchiveBuilder.obj
Are there any clues as to what’s wrong in that error message? Otherwise do I need to add something to “Linker Flags” or add some other search path? Any help is much appreciated!

Alright this was a bit of an embarrassing mistake but in case anyone else makes it: I just realized that I had been trying to use the x86 version of libzippp with an x64 configuration. To fix it, I specified the correct version of the library when installing libzippp like so:
vcpkg install libzippp:x64-windows
From there I no longer needed to add anything to the “Extra library search paths” or “External libraries to link” fields and it worked by just including the path to the libzippp.h file under “Header search paths”. In my case: