Using old Carbon code with tip


Is it possible for me to exchange the new Cocoa code with the old Carbon code that was still in V146?
This seems like a must for for my host-plugins-in-a-plugin project.

What are the steps needed to do this?

PS: Using a kFloatWindowClass window seems to work to get plugins always on top!


Not something I’d enjoy trying myself, but it might be possible. There are bound to be lots of things that won’t work though, I think it’d be a PITA to do.


Good, then I’ll continue using (and modifying) V146. (sigh)


What was the reason that you can’t use cocoa, again? Surely it’d be better just to fix that?


Somebody wrote in the Cocoa Thread:

But I want my AU’s and VST’s to work in all hosts. Further, my AU/VST has to be able to host AU’s/VST’s itself.


i built my VST on osx and it opened in Repaer and Live i don’t do AU cause it has MIDI limitations. Latest juce latest wrapper.


I just can’t afford not to release my plugin as AU, sorry :slight_smile: But I’ll give it a try.
Also I don’t have the impression that the Cocoa code is 100% bug-free and I can also not afford to deliver applications containing bugs.


Oh, you’re the guy with no bugs in his apps? Congratulations.

I thought you were a myth.




Try to avoid them as much as I can, that’ s all.