Using Projucer / Compiling for Raspberry PI 3

i know there are some topics already discussing the matter of Raspberry, but i saw none talking about the RPi 3 (arm7), and i can’t find my way around the infos i found here and there.

So the question is pretty simple :

  1. I downloaded the Linux Juce package, but i’m unable to lanch the Projucer.
  2. I tried to create a linux build file from Windows and use it from the RPi but it returns an error 1 with the message “Target CPU does not support ARM Mode”

Does anyone know how to compile and / or get the projucer working on Raspberry Pi 3 (or Arm7 arch) ?

Thank you,


  1. I dug a bit more and found the “extras/Projucer” folder that can be compiled
  2. Raspbian uses armv6 even is the RasPI is armv8, so the arch needs to be set to armv6. Hard to find this info but everything is working now !