Using SystemTrayIconComponent from an existing application

I’m trying to use SystemTrayIconComponent from an existing native macOS/Windows application. When using SystemTrayIconComponent::showDropdownMenu() from the mouseDown() handler I get an assertion error like the one in this thread: BR: juce::SystemTrayIconComponent::showDropdownMen () doesn't appear to work

Calling MenuBarModel::setMacMainMenu() with a dummy menu as a workaround let’s me use SystemTrayIconComponent::showDropdownMenu() but also completely wipes the existing main menu bar.

I was wondering if anyone has found a good solution to this? I don’t really understand why displaying a menu locally on the status menu bar needs to fiddle with the main menu bar, but I imagine there are good reasons. Ideally, SystemTrayIconComponent would be able to use the menu property on NSStatusItem. This would also make the menu appear similarly to other status bar items.

Also, I’ve just discovered that the SystemTrayIconComponent::showDropdownMenu() method is macOS only – does this mean that there is no way to get a menu on the tray icon on Windows?