UTF-8 String for Plug-in Name?

Is there a way to use a UTF-8 String for the name of a plug-in?

I found the UTF-8 String Literal Converter, but that was the easy part. After converting the UTF-8 string, I tried editing the AppConfig.h file directly, making this JucePlugin_Name definition look like this:

#define JucePlugin_Name String(CharPointer_UTF8 ("K\xc3\xb8mpress\xc3\xb8r"))

But it throws an assertion (**JUCE Assertion failure in juce_String.cpp:322**), with or without the String beforehand. Even simplifying the JucePlugin_Name to String("foo") throws a compile error, so maybe it’s not even the UTF part that’s a problem, but any non-literal used in that definition.

Anyways, I wouldn’t be surprised if trying to use UTF-8 for a plug-in name is a fool’s errand, once you start dealing with how dozens of DAWs will handle the name. But wondering if anyone else has gotten this to work. (Searching for other threads found some addressing issues with plug-in preset names containing extended characters, but none about the name of the plug-in itself.)

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