UTF-8 Symbol problem!

Hi guys,

I have this problem with unicode utf-8 symbols. When I run the application in my computer the symbols appear normal without a problem, but when I run the application in another computer the symbols appear like square instead of their own shape.

Why does this happen ? 

Is there a way to solve this ?


Perhaps you are using a font that is not available on the other machine?

More info would be great. What symbols? Where's the code?

I have written a lookandfeel class for the typeface name and the font size of the button :

class MyLookAndFeel : public LookAndFeel_V3
        Font getTextButtonFont(TextButton&, int buttonHeight) override
            return Font("Segoe UI Symbol", 16.0f, Font::plain);

Segoe UI Symbol has these utf-8 geometrical shapes that I need for my application, like play symbol : " http://www.kreativekorp.com/charset/unicode.php?char=E102 ".

So, I use the String Literal Helper in Juce to get the code for the symbol and then paste it like this in the button text field :


It works fine on my computer. Maybe you are right that the font isn't available on the other computer.

These are private use characters, so you're almost definitely limited to Windows versions which come with that particular font.

If you only need a few simple geometrical shapes (play, pause, record, etc) then maybe it is better to construct a custom typeface with these shapes. Or just draw them directly with the Graphics.

By the way, these symbols have been added to Unicode in the misc technical block, eg:


But AFAIK JUCE doesn't use fallback fonts for rendering fancy characters, so the subset of Unicode you can reliably use is very limited.

Drawing them with Graphics is a good option but I was trying to save some time for my project.

Thanks. ;)

Doesn't Webdings have these symbols? I think that's included on most OSes these days.

This was really helpful. Thank you. yes

Don't know why I didn't use this typeface before. crying