Valid JSON Unable to Return Dynamic Object

Hey… This may be crazy but does something look wrong with this?

    //tried both var & string
    var jsonString = input->readEntireStreamAsString();
    var parsedJson = JSON::parse(jsonString);
    //this prints the formatted json fine
    //this keeps return nullptr
    if(DynamicObject* obj = parsedJson.getDynamicObject()) {
        //never makes it here

is it plausible I’m just losing my mind?

It’s perfectly plausible if the var isn’t actually an object. Your code doesn’t tell us anything without the string is that you’re feeding into it!

flag for delete

Stepping through I see first this get called in the juce_Variant.cpp:

DynamicObject* var::getDynamicObject() const noexcept { return dynamic_cast<DynamicObject*> (getObject()); }

which goes to:

ReferenceCountedObject* var::getObject() const noexcept { return type->toObject (value); }


ReferenceCountedObject* toObject (const ValueUnion&) const noexcept override { return nullptr; }

Alright I loaded some JSON from a different place and it was working fine. The issue was that before the opening JSON brace there was a bracket.

so it was:

That was coming back from a Web API… I’m not sure how common it is to get JSON like that, but now we know : ) maybe this will help someone else

I think this is similar to a post we recently had: JUCE’s Javascript is slightly different to EMCA in that arrays aren’t objects - they are just arrays. So

if(DynamicObject* obj = parsedJson.(*getArray())[0].getDynamicObject()) {

should work instead of

if(DynamicObject* obj = parsedJson.getDynamicObject()) {

as your web-service is returning a single object ({}) inside an array ([]).