Validation Fail on AU Plugin

I’m getting “validation fail” on my convolution reverb AU plugin in Logic Pro X 10.4.
How can we fix this?


# # 34 Global Scope Parameters:

WARNING: retrievedValue = 1.000000 (was 1.000000), Parameter did not retain maximum value when set
WARNING: retrievedValue = nan (was nan), Parameter did not retain default value when set
ERROR: Parameter values are different since last set - probable cause: a Meta Param Flag is NOT set on a parameter that will change values of other parameters.

    • FAIL

Any help would be appreciated so much guys…

I don’t think anyone can really help with a solution without seeing some code. How are you declaring you parameters? Are you using AudioProcessorParameter? You seem to have stripped some output from auval too, but essentially auval is trying to set values on one your parameters but the value being returned doesn’t match what was set and in the last case it returned nan !