Value::Listener::valueChanged(Value &value) - doesn't recognize &value

I have strange issue.
I have two Value objects in AudioProcessor like:
Value value_1;
Value value_2;

And both of them I’ve add the same listener:
class MyAudioProcessorEditor : public AudioProcessorEditor, public Value::Listener

And in the method valueChanged(Value &value) I created if/else if statement like:

if (value == myProcessor.value_1)
    //Do something
else if (value == myProcessor.value_2)
    // Do something else

But the problem is: if I set new value for both Values, method valueChanged(Value &value) is called two times (as expected), but both times it goes into first if statement.
Why is that? Is that known issue? How to deal with that?

For any help, great thanks in advance.
Best Regards

OK I am sorry,
I am so stupid. I’ve just found out that I need to use bool Value::refersToSameSourceAs

Sorry for that. I was blind :slight_smile:

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