ValueTree sort gone awry

I think maybe the change in ValueTree sort put something awry? It went from very quick sorting to now, the second or third sort goes into something like an endless loop.

It seems to get stuck in ‘sortArray’. I do have keep ordering active in these sorts. It didn’t used to make much difference.


I made the sorting undoable, but it seemed to work ok when I tested it - can you give an example that fails?

No, and I couldn’t repeat it. It’s a ValueTree holding 250 other ValueTrees, each with 8 or so properties. The undomanager was NULL.

But - I was working on some network code, and it’s vaguely possible another thread tried to update the main ValueTree. In which case, sorry.

I’ll ping back if it happens again, but you should probably treat it as a false alarm.


Hmmm … got the same here today. Seems to only happen if retainOrder is set to true.

Nothing strange in the comparator … just lexicographically comparing two properties on the given ValueTree nodes.