ValueTreeState Parameters Suffix in DAW

In the top left corner of FLStudio, when you change a parameter, it shows you the value and a suffix to what you’re currently changing.

My plugins just show the value but no suffix. Is there a way to implement that?


I think it’s the ‘label’ in here:

Thanks for the reply. I couldn’t make what you provided work but it helped me stumble across the AudioParameterFloat page, where I realized I could simply add the label there. Must’ve overseen it the first time I checked.

Here’s the code, maybe someone having the same question stumbles upon this thread someday :slight_smile:

params.push_back(std::make_unique<juce::AudioParameterFloat>("MIX", "Mix", juce::NormalisableRange<float>(0, 100, 0.1), 100.0, "%")); // ID, name, (min, max, steps), start, label

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It’s also worth mentioning you can provide lambda functions that convert to and from string so you can make it look exactly like you want…value adjustments, pre/post fix additions etc.

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Sounds interesting, could you please elaborate on that with an example? I’m not sure I fully understand what you mean.

If you look at one of the constructors for AudioParameterFloat you’ll see that you can pass in two functions. The first can return a string from the value and the second one can return the value from a string.

It’s this constructor:

AudioParameterFloat (const ParameterID &parameterID, const String &parameterName, NormalisableRange< float > normalisableRange, float defaultValue, const String &parameterLabel, Category parameterCategory=AudioProcessorParameter::genericParameter, std::function< String(float value, int maximumStringLength)> stringFromValue=nullptr, std::function< float(const String &text)> valueFromString=nullptr)

Note the last two parameters. You can pass in your own functions there. This way you have full control over the string representation of your float.

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i’d advice handling this completely with the lambdas that convert values to strings and strings to values. that enables you to also make good labels for things where a number is not simply followed by a unit, but some other type of value display, for instance temposync values (…, 1/16t, 1/16., 1/16, …)

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