Vanilla GUI app not building with LiveBuild

Anyone else had this problem? I would post the code, but it is just what the Projucer generates.

I am using b8206e360 (6.0.4 master), which works. 6.0.5 master does not. I have not checked the dev versions (though I think that 6.0.4 dev is why I started this thread a while back).

This is on OSX 10.15.7

BTW - Tried this with a plugin project and the AnimatedAppDemo. Livebuild fails in all three situations.

Which version of JUCE/Projucer? On which platform?

Redundant, so removed.

BTW - These all work fine if building Projucer from Master.

I don’t see where LiveBuild is built (hence the need to download each major/minor update) - is that in the JUCE tree somewhere so I can build the latest when building Projucer (I do this approximately once/week when I update dev to make sure there isn’t anything breaking my projects).

I updated the first post to give a little more information. The problem seems to be have created between 6.0.4 and 6.0.5.