Velocity for Note Off


I am totally confused with the new velocity parameter for noteOff method.

Your comment says

        The velocity indicates how quickly the note was released - 0 is slowly, 1 is quickly.

which confuses me even more !

"was released" ? we are sending a note off, how could it have been released ? what is the relation with velocity (which is the name of this parameter) ? what is the use of velocity for a note off event ? The allowTailOff scheme worked fine for me so far so I really don't get what you were trying to fix/add.

Sorry for my slow brains...

You don't have to take any notice of that value if you don't want to, so don't panic!

It's just there because the midi spec includes a velocity in its note-off message, and some people want to take that into account in the way their synths handle note-offs. I think only a few people will ever bother to use it, but I needed to add the parameter to make it possible.

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Ah ! my confusion was from the release word which usually (in MIDI) is independent from the time it takes to lift your fingers off the keyboard and is only handled by the ADSR envelope (+ your tailOff concept which is usually inlcuded to avoid non-derivable function and cause annoyable clicks at the end of notes if absent).

And it created a mess up in the methods I had overriden (noteOff, stopVoice, etc).

Everything back in control. Thanks.

I was just looking for this! Thank you for implementing release velocity! Kurzweil controllers and Arturia VSTs (at least the Matrix 12) fully utilize this and it is fantastic for string sounds, pads, etc. BTW JUCE is AWESOME! Just getting my feet wet and madly in love already!

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