Velocity mode not working

It seems that no matter how I set the velocity mode parameters on a slider control, they seem to have no effect. I need to have my sliders go into "fine" control when the user holds down the CTRL key, but nothing changes no matter how I set the parameters.  Has anyone seen this behavior? Sure would appreciate some help.


Could you provide some example code, with what you expect / would like to happen (i.e. set a certain level of precision) and what is actually happening? And as always, please make sure you're on the tip of the repo.


I am currently using version 3.11 because it is production code and I'm getting ready to do a release. Is there a known issue in that version?

I am trying to give my users some "fine" control by holding down the "CTRL" key but the slider always just snaps to the mouse cursor.

Right after the slider is created I am calling:

slider->setVelocityModeParameters(5.0, 1, 0.0, true);

This is just an example. I have tried many other values but nothing changes. I am apparently overlooking something but I can't figure out what it is.






This should fix your issue. If you don't understand why, let me know and I'll explain! :)

I re-arranged some of the controls in the IntroJucer and some of the controls started working in "fine" mode with the control key held down, even though I had made no calls into setVelocityBasedMode. I was also seeing that some of my sliders (but not all) would not respond when I clicked on the far left side but would start responding when I clicked in the middle section. I went into IntroJucer, deleted the controls and then recreated them. Then I recompiled and everything started working again. I still have a couple of controls that do not respond at all to the CTRL key being held down. Very strange. I guess I'll try JUCE 3.2 now and see if any of this clears up.