Ventura macOS version check fails

Hey guys,

We have a recurring issue every time a major version of macOS is released, where by an operating system check in our code fails.

 if ((juce::SystemStats::getOperatingSystemType() & juce::SystemStats::MacOSX) != 0)
 //do some macOS specific stuff here...

A fix is to just add a line in getOperatingSystemType() switch to handle Ventura ( macOS 13 )

switch (major)
        case 10:
            jassert (minor > 2);
            return (OperatingSystemType) (minor + MacOSX_10_7 - 7);

        case 11: return MacOS_11;
        case 12: return MacOS_12;
        case 13: return MacOS_13;

This same bug comes up every time a major macOS version is released and causes our plugins to stop working. Is there anyway to future proof this?

That change is already present on develop:

Do you need a runtime check? Why not use #if JUCE_MAC?