VideoComponent additions request

Hi, I’m using the VideoComponent for a small Preview area in a macOS application. The component is pretty easy to use but in my opinion it lacks some features so I’m asking for the following additions:

  1. allow to access the video main infos by not loading up the whole video. I need to populate a list with video size and durations (which look to be kind of header values rather than video embedded ones) but this currently is taking some time (I need to wait the VideoComponent for complete loading, until it’s real size starts to be returned instead of an empty rectangle);
  2. add a loop feature to keep a loaded video playing in loop (seamlessly)
  3. add an “end movie notification”… the Listener kind of implementation would be just great.
  4. optionally allowing to access the image frame buffer at each frame while playing. This would really increase the VideoComponent usefulness so much!

Thanks for any help on this.

Very keen for these features to be added, especially 1 and 4