Viewport and Signature Box Issue


I’m fairly new to Juce and GUI design and I’m having some trouble getting a couple of features to work. I’m on OSX running the latest version of Xcode and developing for iOS.

I suspect the simpler issue is the viewport one. I create an instance of viewport within my MainComponent class but when I try to setViewedComponent in the .cpp it doesn’t recognise it as a component and throws up an error saying such. Any ideas would be helpful?

Also, the larger issue and I suspect more complex is the signature box. I’m trying to create a signature box using a TextEditor (there may be a better option than this?) and using the mouseDrag() callback with the Path quadraticTo() function to draw the path that the user touches (with or without a stylus). The issue I’m having is with the mouse listener functions as I don’t really know what I’m doing. I have added a listener to the component which holds the text editor and created a function detailing what to do when the user drags but it doesn’t seem to work. I have attached the code so you can take a look and see what I’m missing. Please dumb responses down and be gentle about my code…I’m quite new to this and my code may be messy.

bottomSect.h (1.4 KB) bottomSect.cpp (2.5 KB) callReportView.h (986 Bytes) callReportView.cpp (1.8 KB) MainComponent.cpp (2.4 KB) Main.cpp (3.9 KB) MainComponent.h (2.8 KB) partsSect.cpp (7.1 KB) partsSect.h (1.6 KB) reportedFault.cpp (1.4 KB) reportedFault.h (781 Bytes) topRightSect.h (987 Bytes) topRightSect.cpp (3.6 KB) topLeft.h (1.0 KB) topLeft.cpp (3.8 KB)