Viewport Basic Example



Hello, I am New To JUCE. Can Anyone Please Provide Me The Source Code Of Very Basic Viewport Example.

  • Thanks.


The Demo in the examples folder (JUCE -> examples -> JuceDemo -> JuceDemo.jucer) is the place to look for these kind of things.
Open in your favourite IDE and do a project wide search for Viewport.
Good luck

EDIT: actually, I realise, that it is not covered in the Demo sources itself. You can find it used deeper in the sources, but an example seems to be missing…


If you still need some example: As a JUCE beginner too, I implemented my first viewport some weeks ago. It’s pretty straightforward, if it helps you, just take a look at my code, my main content component contains a viewport (just look out for dspControlsViewport in my code), wich contains a component with all control elements of my app:


Thanks For Replay I Got It.