Viewport Scroll / mouse events problem

I have an apple magic mouse , when i scroll there is Inertia which keeps the scroll moving even after I let go.

But say you have a button inside a viewport, the button does not resond if I click while the scroll is active.

You can see this in the JUCE demo , go the Tabs and Widgets/Drag and drop  take a magic mouse and scroll in the listbox, try to click on an item while it is scrolling it wont highlight. Other programs dont do this.  Please help I have a scroll view in my app and the UI is unusable with an apple magic mouse

Did anyone take a look at this? Basically when the scroll is active, buttons inside the viewport dont register. This is a huge problem with an apple magic mouse becuse the user often clicks while scroll is active. We cant relelase our sofware for mac os without this issue fixed.

I needed to fix something else before I could tackle this, but have made some changes now that should sort it out for you..

Thanks work much better!