Visibility issue Ableton Live


Hey dear members,

I actually don’t know if the following also occurs in other DAWs but I can’t test other DAWs right now. Following steps create the problem:

  • open the plugin editor of my synthesizer.
  • without closing select another track.

The plugin editor won’t get closed and JUCE reports the windows as being visible. So in the background it still gets redrawn even though I can’t see it. I see why it won’t get closed but why is it still visible?
Our synthesizer uses animations when playing a note. If you arm multiple tracks they all get redrawn in the background without the need for it. Is it possible to detect whether the plugin window gets hidden in this way? Like I said, Juce reports it to be visible.



with isShowing() ?


isShowing() also returns true.


Can anybody confirm this?