VisualStudio 2015 Exporter

I would like to specify the instruction set and I would like to set a Precompiled Header File. Both is not possible, it seems. The way you can customise the project for MacOS does not work on Windows. If I add /arch:SSE2 in the additional compiler options, VS ignores them and gives a warning.

I am more and more under the impression, that Projucer should rather use Cmake technology, rather then trying to come up with a competing system to generate project files.

Are you building as 64 bit? The SSE2 flag is redundant in that case.

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If the projucer supported cmake, it wouldn’t make it any easier for us to add the features you’re asking for. In fact it’d be harder, as we’d have one more target platform that would need to have these things added.

If you really want micro-control of your build, and if you like cmake, then why not just use it? The projucer’s not compulsory, many juce users have their own custom build setups.

I like the support for so many plugin/app formats. That’s why I want to stay with it for now.

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If you want to use CMake to build your JUCE projects, you can have a look at

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