VS 2019 Build VST3

So I can get VST 2 to build find but I keep getting iid: redefinition error. How do I deal with this?

Are you using the VST3 SDK that is embedded in JUCE or have you set a custom SDK path?

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Yeah I was using VST in other folder. I’ve just realized now and build fine…

Out the box though I think it would be good if projucer auto populated by default when VST3 is added

You shouldn’t need to set the path explicitly. Make sure that the VST3 SDK Folder setting is empty for the exporter and also the VST3 SDK setting in File->Global Paths... and the VST3 SDK embedded in JUCE will be used.

Cool so having the same trouble now trying to get the OSX build. It doesn’t auto do it and if I include the VST3 folder in juce nothing happens and if I include SDKs/VST3 SDK folder I get base/source/flock.cpp not found

I know this has been discussed before but I can’t remember the outcome…
Does anyone actually use an external (i.e. not the one within JUCE) version of the VST3 SDK? And if so, isn’t that almost certainly going to cause compatibility problems such as the flock.cpp one which I must have seen mentioned on here at least a dozen times, or API compatibility problems with the JUCE VST3 wrappers?

Would it not be simpler to just remove all this VST SDK path stuff from the PJ? Power users could either use a JUCE fork with the latest VST3 SDK or you could add a define such as “JUCE_DONT_INCLUDE_VST3SDK” so they can specify their own custom paths?

Did you check that the OSX field is empty in the global paths window? There is a platform drop-down at the top: