VST C++/JUCE/Python developer needed

We’re looking for a skilled C++/JUCE/Python developer having a proven experience in JUCE VST plug-in framework, and python binding over cpp libraries.

The first part of the job will be adding a ‘loadPreset’ method to the pedalboard python binding over JUCE (GitHub - spotify/pedalboard: 🎛 🔊 A Python library for adding effects to audio.).
This method should be a wrapper of JUCE method:
static bool setStateFromVSTPresetFile (AudioPluginInstance*, const MemoryBlock&);

The work should be delivered after testing as python source file(s) + instructions on how to add them to the pedalboard sources.

Please email us with a short and relevant CV and portfolio. If the quality (and price) of the work is good, more work might follow.

email: benzvi.gil@gmail.com

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