VST Loading Crash: ModuleHandle::closeEffect()

Both places where the result of convertHexVersionToDecimal is needed expect it as a VstInt32 instead of a long. One has a cast, the other gives a warning because of that. I think it is safe to make it return a VstInt32 because the only places where it is used are inside the VST wrapper itself, what do you think about that?

Thanks, I didn’t try it in MSVC, which gives more warnings than the other compilers. I’ll check that.

I got that in Xcode indeed… what compiler are you using? GCC or LLVM?

Anyway, to raise those warnings with LLVM (which is the one I am using in the latest Xcode), you have to turn on the setting labeled “Implicit Conversion to 32 Bit Type” in the “Warnings - All languages” section