VST plugins that don't load/crash

I have a couple of VSTs that crash the demo host:
UWI Workstation http://www.uvi.net/en/software/uvi-workstation.html
This works in Tracktion though
and DH Metronome http://www.dehaupt.com/SynthEdit/DH_Metronome.htm
Could someone confirm this?

Is there a wiki or something where we could write these things down? so that I could provide my users with a list of known bad plugins?

Have anyone created a better system for scanning the plugins then the standard juce components used in the host demo? It simply stores the known plugin file and then exits the app?
Can we trap the exceptions and move on with the scan. is a separate process the way to go?
Simply exiting the app or freezing is not very graceful.
The plugin scanning is one of the first things a user experiences with your app it should leave them with a good experience. I’m not saying that it should succeed in scanning all the plugins (I see that as impossible given the amount of bad plugins in the world) but it should at least give the user the feel that the app is stable enough to cope with these.

I added functionality to the scanner classes so that it can be run in a child process - that’s how we do it in tracktion.

Yes Jules, tracktion does this nicely.
I just have to figure out how to do it, I guess it involves the ChildProcess class, I’ll read up on that.
Hope it is as trivial as you make it sound :wink:
Also I saw that tracktion “spawns” a new instance of the main app. Tracktion.exe. I guess you did this with some command line settings or something, to make it load and scan without the ui.
I think I will just go for a seperate scanner-executable.

It’s a bit fiddly, but using a child process is really the only way to make this work. FWIW I’ve always found that using a single exe as both child + parent is less hassle than maintaining two builds.