VST presets Q


Hi - I am new to JUCE, and have been enamored with its cross-functionality so far. Currently I am developing a VST and need support for *.fxp VST presets. I was loathe to post a new topic, but after searching the forums and dOxygen docs, the only thing I found was a reference to get/set Program().

So I am having a problem saving VST parameter settings as a preset (or program, whatever it’s called…) and I was wondering, is there a virtual that I should be filling out to implement this functionality properly? Is this something that is taken care of in the wrapper? or should I wrap it separately? Please point me in the right direction. Many thanks :slight_smile:


OK - well, that was a terrible question :oops:

Maybe this thread should be deleted, but if it lingers, maybe this info will help someone else.

after piddling around the *.h files for a little while, i found some nifty information left by jules (thanks) and basically juce handles all of the get/setProgram and get/setChunk if you simply fill out set/getStateInformation() to handle each of your parameters. thanks for making juce so easy and awesome :wink:


I was searching around a bit for FXB/FXP file handling and found it here:



so I thought it might help to update this thread in case someone else wanted to look under the bonnet of the abstract get/setStateInformation, get/setCurrentProgramStateInformation functions.