VST programmer needed – paid freelance

Hello JUCE community,

I'm a huge music/music production/VST enthusiast and have an idea for what I believe to be a really great product, and I was kindly pointed in the direction of this community. 

I’m looking for a freelance programmer who can build a VST that incorporates basic functions:

connect to the internet 
connect to the DAW internal clock 
connect to a server - send and receive information 
record audio from the selected channel

There are of course more complex and interesting functions also, which I will go into with anyone who wishes to be part of this project.

This is paid freelance work, please free to PM me for further details.

Many Thanks

Hi Richard, 

I have experience in working with JUCE and building audio/music applications.

Let me know if you're still looking for a programmer for you idea. 



do you mean this type of software  http://test.dawconnect.com ?

It is in development and short time before release. A cloud based
version is in beta stage by www.bestservice.de and and can be tried
cooming soon.