VST unhandled exception


I’m developing a vst under visual 2005, and when I use it under Ableton Live I get an unhandled exception which never appear at the same time.
Here is how I get it (it is based on the Juce VST demo):

I created a player component which deals only with graphic work. I have one instance of it in my DemoEditorComponent class. My player is an ActionBroadcaster and the DemoEditorComponent class is an ActionListener. So when I click on my player to open an audio file, the DemoEditorComponent class receives a message and in the actionListenerCallback, I use the libsndfile to put in memory the audio file. The problem is that I get an exception in this callback and it’s never at the same place. I’m familiar with the libsndfile and I’m quite sure I don’t make a mistake with its use. Does anyone know where it could come from?
And by the way, how can I do to know where exactly the exception is when my vst crash in my host?
Thank you guys for your help :smiley:

When bugs are random in their nature I tend to think it’s a memory problem. Have you compiled in debug mode?

yes you’re right that’s a memory problem, but still really wierd. It seems that I can’t allocate any memory. As soon as I call “new” or that I use a pointer, it sends me an unhandled exception, but if I don’t use any pointer, it doesn’t crash…