VST2 XP SP3 compatibility with VS2015

Hi guys,
anybody got VST2 plugins built with VS2015 (toolset 140xp) working on Windows XP SP3?
I’m building with /MT, so I supposed that would be enough… but unfortunately not.


For Windows XP in VS2015, you need /MT, the toolset 140xp, and DIrectWrite disabled (+32 bits platform since most of XP users have a 32 bits XP)

The JUCE framework does not work with Windows XP anymore. You need a very old build to make this happen i guess. Our plugins do not work on XP anymore.

We certainly haven’t officially supported or tested on XP for a long time now, but TBH there’s actually nothing I can think of in in the codebase which would stop it working if you can persuade the compiler to generate the right executable.

My fault. Seems that it is related to VS 2015.
I also tried the toolset for 140xp and had no success. It seems that it’s not possible to build for XP with VS 2015:

There are still a few people that have old Windows XP machines with a stable configuration and some older hardware attached. They mostly only use it to run a single synth plugin and have no time / money or motivation to update that system.

The solution i mentioned here looks promising:

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Thanks Patrick! I tried what said in the other thread… it looks to install but it still won’t show under any DAW. I also installed on the XP SP3 machine the latest VC Redist, but without any luck.

Fixed. I messed up a thing and now works!