VST3/AU3 multiple midi ports

With VST3 and AU3 plugins, it is possible to expose more than 16 input and output midi channels for the plugin. They appear to the host as multiple ports. VST3 supports many ports, I think maybe 48. AU3 in LogicPro currently supports 8 midi ports.

Is it possible with JUCE to create a VST3/AU3 plugin that makes those additional ports available to the host? And how can we access those ports from inside processBlock?

As an example, Vienna Ensemble Pro.vst3, when instantiated into Cubase, then provides 48 midi ports available to all midi tracks in Cubase as a destination.

I would like to make a JUCE vst3/au3 plugin which can expose these additional midi ports, but I can’t seem to find any information about that, nor does it appear obvious to me about how I would access them through processBlock processing in my plugin.

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