VST3 completeness

I see that JUCE 4 is getting rolled out soon and I was wondering if it is going to include more complete support for VST3. I am on the verge of making a purchase decision for a commercial license and I need to know what the plan is for providing a functionally complete VST3 implementation. There are several significant deficienties (bypass and sidechain come to mind) and seeing that JUCE advertises support for VST3 it would seem that this should be somewhat of a priority. Because of this, my initial product rollout will be limited to VST2. From reading the forums there appears to be no real roadmap to speak of and no completion criteria or definition of "done". The developers here are quite responsive but on the other hand seem to be merely reacting to user requests on an ad hoc basis with no real strategy for completing the things they claim to support. If they do have one I would like to at least see it published somewhere instead of having to wonder if/when they will ever get there.

We do have a plan, and may publish it at some point. Certainly things like sidechaining are very high on our list, and I can assure you that there's a trello-board item for that!

Something I'd like to see is support for VST3 note expressions. 

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