VST3 /JUCE layout conversion error

latest dev tip, I’ve got this assertion triggered in getChannelSetForSpeakerArrangement():

// VST3 <-> JUCE layout conversion error: report this bug to the JUCE forum

to reproduce:

  • create a basic plugin project with the projucer
  • in the projucer, set the Plugin Channel configurations to {2, 2}, {1, 2}

build and run in reaper on mac

Thanks for reporting. I think that comment might be misplaced - it looks like in this case, REAPER is trying to enable all 64 possible speakers, but there’s no way of representing that layout in JUCE at the moment.

Either this case shouldn’t assert, or the warning should be moved to setBusArrangements in the plugin client code, to warn that the host has requested a layout that JUCE can’t use. I’ll have a think and update this thread once we’ve pushed a fix.

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