VST3 Multiple Input Event Buses (midi ports)


We need to use multiple VST3 input event buses in our plugin. It seems the current VST3 wrapper does not support multiple event buses.

Has anyone come up with a workaround (for example by some modifications of the VST3 wrapper)?

Curious about this myself. Any update on this???

I’m also curious if anything is happening to support multiple midi buses for VST3 and AU3 plugins.

me too

and actually I need the same kind of support for AUv3, which supports multiple midi ports also (in LogicPro, up to 8 ports). VSL has one AUv3 plugin already out supporting this.

For AUv3mfx, it would be necessary to create plugins that can sit in the mfx slot of LogicPro, listen to up to 8 midi ports and output on up to 8 ports down the signal chain to the next plugin… With LogicPro, for example, we can use the Scripter plugin and javascript and we can see the port of every midi event, in addition to channel. We can change the assignment of each event to which port we want, etc. From Scripter’s perspective, its still just one midiqueue that is access, but each event has a port attribute associated with it, which can be handled appropriately by the script.

So anyway, JUCE would need some way to discern that inside processBlock also. And of course we need to be able to do something with JUCE that will provide more input and output midi ports to the host the proper way.

I’m also reasonably sure right now that JUCE hosting is getting confused by VST3/AUv3 plugins that are trying to use more then one input midi port.

So JUCE needs some updating in this area in a number of ways… I’m too new to audio programming to know how I might tweak the modules myself, or else I would.

Any updates? I ran into the same problem…

make sure to go to the JUCE feature request forum and vote for this feature add. It doesn’t sound like they added it to Juce6 :frowning:

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I’ve been asking about this for a couple years now and, crickets from Roli about it.

Anyone have any suggestions for coding around this limitation?

I could obviously get rid of JUCE audioProcessor all together and use VST3 and AUv3 api’s directly…though…the thought of figuring that out makes me want to cry.

Or perhaps someone has some pointers about how I could actually hack into the JUCE sources myself to enable multi-port midi. being somewhat new to JUCE and having no experience with the VST sdk, nor Apple’s AU SDK directly…I am not at all sure where to even begin looking in the JUCE source to potentially pursue that. A little nervous about doing it that way also because managing updates to my JUCE fork could become a PITA. Or…maybe if I figure it out they would consider a merge request…never know.

Any guidance would be welcome