VST3 not loading in Fl Studio Standalone Plugin works fine

Hello everyone!

My plugin compiles just fine and the ‘Standalone’ plugin works just fine but the vst3 does not load in FL Studio. The error message is: Something went wrong when loading the VST3. Please sure it’s installed and registered properly. There is a portaudio dll that gets linked at runtime that I put in the same folder as the vst3 plugin. Works fine as a standalone plugin. I don’t know where to begin with this one. Are there logs I can access? Any help is appreciated.

DLLs don’t get automatically loaded from other DLLs even if they are in the same in the folder. You either have to manually load the DLL and the needed functions in your code or put the DLL somewhere where Windows manages to load it : In the Windows system folders or in the host application’s folder where its .exe file is. Both are horrible options.

Why are you using Portaudio in a plugin? (Especially since it’s a Juce based plugin…?)

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Sorry not portaudio it’s aubio my bad. This makes sense, thanks. DLL has been working well for me so far. I tried including the needed functions and that didn’t quite workout before. I’ll have to think about a workaround you’ve set me on the right track though.

If there’s any possibility to just build the libaubio code directly into your plugin, just try to do that. Trying to make plugins load other DLLs is painful. (Since libaubio is GPL licensed, it shouldn’t matter if you use it from a DLL or not, you will need to comply with the GPL licensing terms in both cases.)

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