VST3 parameter info update

Hi Juce Team,

Would it be possible to update the range and default value for parameters on parameter info changes as well instead of just names

See enclosed diff (Would be great to see the same thing in AAX)
VST3param.diff (2.9 KB)

Thanks !

FWIW this helps for NKS support when you have runtime assignable automation :slight_smile:

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How would this work in a saved session?

For example If I record my hit song with a plugin, using the DAWs automation feature to move a parameter from 10% to 50% over some time period.
A year later I load the session, but the newer version of the same plugin now has a different range on that parameter, and my recording now sounds very different because that parameter has a different range, and therfore a different interpretation of ‘50%’.

This is not this use case.
The rationale is when you have N slots of automation and allow to dynamicaly assign your plugin parameter to it.
Useful if you have a non fixed topology.