VST3 Validator Error

[Bus Activation]
Info:  ===Bus Activation ====================================
Info:     Bus Activation: Input Audio Bus (0) (kMain)
Info:     Bus Activation: Input Audio Bus (1) (kAux)
Info:     Bus Activation: Output Audio Bus (0) (kMain)
ERROR: Bus activation failed.
[XXXXXXX Failed]

Produced while running the VST3 validator (VST3_SDK/public.sdk/samples/vst/validator) on the NoiseGate plugin example on the develop branch. Not sure if this means anything significant but the validator does come from the official Steinberg SDK.

macOS Sierra 10.12.3

Any news for this issue?

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I got the same Problem with the validator.
===Bus Activation ====================================
Bus Activation: Input Audio Bus (0) (kMain)
Bus Activation: Output Audio Bus (0) (kMain)

Getting a “Red Lamp” here. not sure why. didn’t do something crazy with my plugin i guess… did really no one encountered this problem with vst3?

The validation is failing because the validator is trying to disable the main buses. That’s a bit strict as I don’t think any host out there would ever disable the main bus.

In the NoiseGate code, you can remove this line to allow disabled main buses:

bool isBusesLayoutSupported (const BusesLayout& layouts) const override
    // the sidechain can take any layout, the main bus needs to be the same on the input and output
    return layouts.getMainInputChannelSet() == layouts.getMainOutputChannelSet();
             // && ! layouts.getMainInputChannelSet().isDisabled(); <- remove this