VST3 WaveLab 9 Elements Sidechain Issue no processBlock + Reason

VST3 Plugins with Sidechain in WaveLab 9 Elements, processBlock isn’t called
(latest tip from develop)

In the VST3 Wrapper:

The reason is totalInputChans == 2 and pluginInstance->getTotalNumInputChannels() == 3
so processBlock isn’t called

(maybe other hosts have the same problem, so better add dummy buffers, if not enough channel-buffers are provided…?)

  if (totalInputChans == pluginInstance->getTotalNumInputChannels()
         && totalOutputChans == pluginInstance->getTotalNumOutputChannels())
            if (isBypassed())
                pluginInstance->processBlockBypassed (buffer, midiBuffer);
                pluginInstance->processBlock (buffer, midiBuffer);

Arggghh… yet another WaveLab workaround. Anyways, it’s fixed on develop.

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