VSTPluginWindow Sizing Oddity

Hey Jules,

When loading certain VST plugins, their plugin editors get a bad width and/or height. Meanwhile, in other DAWs, the editors appear as normal.

In the image below, I’ve loaded the effect MTremolo. The condition at the if statement located at the breakpoint is entirely false in this situation, leaving me with a huge window:
[attachment=1]Incorrect AudioProcessorEditor Sizing.png[/attachment]

Here’s what I expected (loaded with FL Studio):
[attachment=0]FL Studio - MTremolo Editor.png[/attachment]

Hmm, that looks pretty broken… There are two ways to get a plugin’s size - either the ERect structure, or the size of the HWND. Normally one of them will be nonsense and the other one sensible, but according to your debugger there, they’re both nonsense in this case…