WaitableEvent.Signal( ) malloc?

Hey JUCE peeps.


Can anyone elighten me as to whether calling WaitableEvent.Signal( ) from the processBlock is safe ?

Does this method call incur any kind of malloc or anything that might cause a block on the audio thread ?


I'm just looking through the API and wondering whether the Signal call is asynchronous in regards to waking up a JUCE thread? I may be barking up the wrong street entirely as I haven't had a chance to look at the WaitableEvent classes source yet. 


Asking this question before I forget!



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Yes, it's safe, it won't block at all.

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Brilliant thanks Jules,


That's finally allowed me to get my head around a little solution to post sample data from my processBlock to a worker thread servicing GUI elements so major thanks to master C++ blokes who seem to never sleep !?

If the oppurtunity strikes I'll be sure to post you a beer at the impending London meet up. I suspect I'll have to join a large queue.