Wanted - JUCE Dev for browser-based audio project

Hi JUCERS! :slight_smile:
I run a small production music company in the UK and I’m looking to build out our tech in the browser. Is there anybody here who has experience using JUCE in the browser? Initially I’m looking for help in scoping the project and then potentially becoming involved in the actual execution as well.
Please contact me via filmstro.com and ask for Sebastian…

Good luck my friend :slight_smile:

I’ve done it :slight_smile:

It’s a painful experience!!

I’d say one step more painful than embedding a browser in JUCE!

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Thanks Jim. So do you think it’s worth it or not? Is there an easier way to stream multiple audio assets and mix between them using JS for example?

@olilarkin might have good advice!

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I recently ported my JUCE App to the web using the Dreamtonic’s juce port for emscripten. It required some refactoring of my code, and the results will need optimising; the graphics drawing is not great!

This was helpful whilst doing this also. :slight_smile:


Thanks man! Appreciate it :slight_smile: