const float thickness = 0.7f;


            Path filledArc;

            filledArc.addPieSegment (rx, ry, rw, rw, rotaryStartAngle, angle, thickness);

            g.fillPath (filledArc);


        if (thickness > 0)


            const float innerRadius = radius * 0.2f;

            Path p;

            p.addTriangle (-innerRadius, 0.0f,

                           0.0f, -radius * thickness * 1.1f,

                           innerRadius, 0.0f);

            p.addEllipse (-innerRadius, -innerRadius, innerRadius * 2.0f, innerRadius * 2.0f);

            g.fillPath (p, AffineTransform::rotation (angle).translated (centreX, centreY));


Jules - from LookAndFeel_V2.  The variable thickness is assigned to 0.7f and then tested to see if it's greater than 0 ... is that intentional?  MSVC is moaning quietly about it...

Must have been left in from a time when it was a parameter.. Ta, will clean up!