Warnings on latest tip of 'develop'

Warning C4312 ‘type cast’: conversion from ‘LONG’ to ‘LPCTSTR’ of greater size (compiling source file …\JuceLibraryCode\include_juce_video.cpp) \juce\modules\juce_video\native\juce_win32_Video.h 776 1

Warning C4244 ‘+=’: conversion from ‘juce::uint64’ to ‘std::size_t’, possible loss of data (compiling source file …\JuceLibraryCode\include_juce_osc.cpp) \juce\modules\juce_osc\osc\juce_OSCReceiver.cpp 237 1

OK, thanks. The OSC code probably hasn’t changed for over a year, so odd that you’d be the first person to hit a warning there. Maybe we need to raise the warnings level on our build server…

I’m also surprised that I’m the first… FWIW, I’m using /W4 which I believe is the default warning level set by the Projucer, and compiling for both 32-bit and 64-bit archs.