Wavelab 9: presents blank plugin GUI


in Wavelab 9 at least JUCE 4.1 and 4.3 based plugins have a blank GUI. This also happens with the JUCE demo plugin at least in macOS. I am yet to test Windows.


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Any plans for fixing this? Or any workaround?
Anything Wavelab 9 users can be told?

I don’t have Wavelab on either system, but testers tell me the GUI works fine on windows.

Thats fine for the Windows users. But the issue persists on macOS Wavelab.


I have further investigated the issue (though I am really astonished that nobody seems to care - do you think Wavelab isn’t worth the hassle?) and it seems that the issue is related to VST3 @ Wavelab only - it does not occur with VST2 though…

(it might even be a Wavelab issue, but the easiest way to find out, would be to check from within JUCE)

As you can see from the plugin drop down menu the VST3 version is called “Juce Demo Plugin” with the blank GUI while the VST2 version is called “JuceDemoPlugin” and presents a working GUI.

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Anybody cares…?


I believe that most users will be satisfied that at least the VST2 version works.

Back when neither VST2 nor VST3 worked for us (SR), which is the case for plugins whose GUI uses OpenGL, it was quite important for us to fix at least one of them.

Ideally ROLI would fix all the issues and all formats would work and everyone will be happy, but in our case we couldn’t even get our VST2 fixes (available in SR’s branch) incorporated into JUCE… So that made me feel like all this effort of reporting bugs and suggesting fixes to JUCE is a bit of a waste of time and so we didn’t even report this VST3 issue…

Cheers, Yair


Yep, agree, since its easy to choose between VST2 and VST3 in Wavelab, thats fine.

Now, here it comes: In a recent build after updating to JUCE 4.3.1 it seems to has been magically fixed. Though it could be a side effect of something else, since its not announced as being fixed.

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Probably a side-effect of some threading changes we made to the openGL stuff for Android. Wavelab has always been a really problematic host in many ways, but the main area where it tends to differ is in the way it uses threads.