Wavelab-Mac mouseUp bug



I have stumbled upon a bug in Wavelab 8.0.3. When running my plugin, the mouseUp function is not being called properly in about 15-20% cases. This happens with my custom buttons (using togglebutton), rotaries and linear sliders.

The way the bug works is: I press on a slider, drag it (moving the mouse up/down and to the side, so that it goes out of bounds) and release the mouse button. Then when I press the mouse button down again (still being out of bounds), the slider reacts and starts dragging. Debugging showed that at the instance the bug appears, the mouseUp() is not being called.

I have also tested the original juce widgets and have found the bug when testing the sliders, though it happens rarely (appeared after: 9, 50, 13, 43 and 17 clicks). When it appears, the bug is visible as the indicator stays in its 'down/clicked' image after the mouse up.


The bug only appears in Wavelab on Mac (on Windows everything works just fine).


Some tech specs:

OS.X 10.9.2

Xcode 5.0.2

reproduced in: Wavelab 7 and 8

juce 3.05 and 3.04


Thanks for the heads-up, but it sounds like something that'd be impossible to fix.

My guess is that Wavelab must be setting up OSX mouse-tracking areas on the window, which screws up a lot of mouse-move event handling. If that's the case then it's one of those "sorry, would need to be fixed in the host" bugs.


I am trying to build a VST & VST3 plug-in. However, on Wavelab 8.5 I encounter the same problem.

I have tested on different machines running from OS X 10.8 - 10.10 using the latest JUCE version 3.2.0. 
Especially, running my plugin or JUCE demo plugin on a system with OSX 10.8 everything works fine. 
However, the issue is noticed on a OSX 10.9 or 10.10 system.

I have tried to contact with Wavelab support but is there any update from the JUCE side?

Like I said above, I can't see any way we could deal with this from the plugin side. Seems very much like a Wavelab issue.