Waves Abbey Road and DocumentWindow issue

This is reproducible using the JUCE Plugin Host…

Using the Waves Abbey Road demos - VST or VST3…



You’ll notice that there are 2 title bars if you use the JUCE TitleBar - the top one is a dumb copy and the lower TitleBar is active…

If you close and re-open the plug-in… oddly enough it shows correctly…

the issue, I believe, is caused by the fact that Waves builds their toolbar late… after DocumentWindow has resized itself correctly.

Here’s a video which shows the issue in my plug-in…

I’m using a Native TitleBar with a custom menu (see DocumentWindow setContentOwned VST) – and as you can see the menu gets drawn twice.



You can

setUsingNativeTitleBar (true);


 setContentOwned (editor, true);

to force a resize… but you get some horrible artifacts even with

setOpaque (true);